Free Download Wonga Checkers 1.0 APK

Free Download Wonga Checkers 1.0 APK

Description of Wonga Checkers

Wonga Checkers is a board game for two players on a 10 x 10 Board using 40 Round pieces called “Seed”(20 Seeds for each player) on a “Draughts Board” with 50 Black and 50 White Squares. The Black and White Squares could also be in other colors, Wonga Checkers has 2 board color options.

Game Objective
The objective of the game is to take all of the opponent’s seeds or to produce a position such that the opponent is unable to move.

How to create a game
– Tap on “Play”.
– Tap on “Multiplayer”.
– Select a “Bidcoins” amount or “custom” to input any amount of choice.
– Tap on “Random Opponent” to play any online player.

Game Start
The game creator is first to start game. Each player has a maximum turn time of 30 seconds. Tap on the seed to move and tap on any of the spot(s) highlighted as available to move to.

Game Play
– The seeds move only diagonally. The white squares are not used at all in the game thus the seeds stay on the black squares throughout.
– Whenever a seed has an opponent’s seed adjacent to it and the square immediately beyond the opponent’s seed is vacant, the opponent’s seed can be captured. If the player has the opportunity to capture one or more of the opponent’s seeds, then the player must do so.
– Un-crowned seeds can only move diagonally forwards but can capture diagonally forwards AND backwards.
– Any piece that reaches the far edge of the board is immediately crowned and is thereafter known as a “King”. A crown is shown on the seed to distinguish it from other seeds.
– Kings can move and capture diagonally forwards and backwards and are consequently more powerful and valuable than ordinary seeds.
– Ordinary seeds can capture Kings.
– If more than one seed can capture, then the player is free to choose which of those seeds to move.
– If no capturing moves are available, then an ordinary move is made by moving a piece one square diagonally.

Game Winner
The game is won by the player who first succeeds to take all his opponent’s seeds or renders them unable to move.

Game Draw
The game is a draw on the following conditions:
If both players have only one seed and its king.
If both players have no more moves.

Game loss exceptions
Quitting a game.
Severe network disruptions.

App Information of Wonga Checkers

App Name Wonga Checkers
Package Name com.wonga.checkers
Version 1.0
Size 45.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2018-06-12
Installs 10+
Category Board, Games

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